For some reason the .DayBold will not bold my days. I have check my values all the way into the With and they are right.
Do I need to refresh the Monthview somehow get them to show? It looks like to me that it should work, but thats not saying much.
Any help would be apperciated.

Do While rs.EOF = False

If rs.Fields("REASON") <> " " Then
If YEAR(rs.Fields("MMDDYY")) = YEAR(MonthView9.Value) Then
If MONTH(rs.Fields("MMDDYY")) = MONTH(MonthView9.Value) Then
Debug.Print "offDays " & offDays
intDay = Day(rs.Fields("MMDDYY"))
Debug.Print "intDay " & intDay
intDay = intDay + offDays
With MonthView9
.DayBold(MonthView9.VisibleDays(intDay)) = True
End With
Debug.Print "intDay after " & intDay
End If
End If
End If