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    Unanswered: Mass update of records

    I have two tables, one for Customers and one for Correspondence. Every time we send a letter to a customer it is recorded in Correspondence, which is linked by a Customer ID.

    If I send a mass mailing to a segment of my database (let's say, all who live in California), is there a way to quickly add a Correspondence record to ALL of the customers who recieved the mailing (all the people in that particular query)

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    Use the runsql command like:

    docmd.runsql "update [customercorrespondence] set [customercorrespondence].[datelastlettermailed]= date where [customercorrespondence].[state]=" & [statetomailtothistime] & ";"

    you can play with the filter spec at the end to update selected records or change "customercorrespondence" to the name of the query, be sure to enter [] brackets at beg and end if name of query contains spaces or dashes.

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