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    Unanswered: EM Alert: Critical Disk Utilization for 0 C is 1701.39%

    I got this Notify Alert from oracle 10 Enterprise Manager

    Metric=Disk Utilization (%)
    Disk Device=0 C:
    Timestamp=Sep 15, 2004 12:16:52 PM EDT
    Message=Disk Utilization for 0 C: is 1701.39%
    Rule Name=Host Availability and Critical States
    Rule Owner=SYSMAN

    Can anyone tell me what's going on here?
    Search on the net for a while, but cann't find any piece to explain this.

    Thanks for any help in advance,

    Tien-Chih Wang

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    Is compression enabled for this drive?
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    sorry. I got no idea about it's a compression enabled or not.
    Could you tell me what's the difference between if it's a compression enabled case and if not? And also where can I find out the compression configuration?
    Thank you.

    Tien-Chih Wang

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    Rules usually relate to events set up under the Events tab (top of left hand screen in Enterprise Manager). A rule can be set up to determine what action to take if the event occurs. I would be tempted to look in Events to find the event that is linked to the rule & see if you can work out what has happened to cause the rule to notify you.
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