Hi there,

I have one problem which already take me a while to find the solution.
I hope anybody out there can assist me.
i got this code to print out data in crystal report direct from ASP but the medium is in VB.
The code looks like this:

Public Function printCR() As String
Dim cr As Object

Set cr = CreateObject("Crystal.CrystalReport")

If cr Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "error"
End If

With cr
.Connect = "dsn=System;uid=mic;pwd=michael"
.ReportFileName = App.Path & "\Report\budding.rpt"
.Destination = crptToPrinter
.ParameterFields(0) = "@mto;RT123454;TRUE"
.DiscardSavedData = 0
.Action = 1
End With
printCR = App.Path & "\Report\GOLDWIRE ISSUING REPORT.rpt"
End Function

This code is in .dll file
When my asp code call this dll, the printing syntax can't seem to work.
What should i do to make it works?
It can definately return the value App.Path & "\Report\GOLDWIRE ISSUING REPORT.rpt"