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    Unanswered: Retrun all rows on Any Table from EM prompts for Username/Password .. Why ?

    Hello -

    I dont know something weired happened on our MSSQL server today. We are able to connect to any Databases from Enterprise Manager from a Remote server.

    Once we logged in and connected to a database on my database server, it keep prompting for the user id and password as we browsing through different tables in that database?

    (Right click on the table then select Open Table -> Return all rows -> and it prompts for password )

    Now when we enter password the contents of Table are displayed and now when we try to see contents of another table in the database it again prompts for password.

    Any Idea whats wrong? How this can be resolved as it was not happening before ..

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    Weird, I'd try changing the registration of the server in EP and see if that fixes it.

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