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    Unanswered: Problems after exporting a table into oracle database


    I am trying to export a table into oracle through sql server using sql server's Enterprise Manager.

    ( I am not using oracle's import export utility at the moment bec I don't have user rights in the office to do that, but may be at a later stage it will be granted those rights)

    At the time of exporting the table I have mentioned the user name as scott.

    The table permissions have also been set i.e select ,update,delete

    The table gets exported. There is no problem in that process.

    Now in oracle when I login as scott/tiger I can find that table name in the list of table under user_tables on executing the command :

    select table_name from user_tables.

    But if I want to access that table i.e

    select * from table name or desc table name

    I get an error message --- ' object does not exist' .

    Could you tell me some solution to this problem.. Is it due to privileges .. Do I need to login as system/manager ??

    Is it true that user scott by default does not have privileges to execute the select command on table that have been exported into oracle.

    Thanx in advance .. Have a nice day
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    Have you tried to access it using owner.tablename?

    Select * from scott.tablename;

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    Check the case of the table name


    select * from "table_name"

    where table_name is copy/pasted from the table_name column in user_tables.

    If a table is created with the name "XxX" in double quotes then Oracle preserves the case so select * from xxx wont work, you have to do select * from " XxX"

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