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    Unanswered: Export columns in excel sheet to oracle table

    hi ,
    A small problem for which I need your help.

    In an excel sheet I have 2 columns named -- RollNumber and Name.

    Now in my oracle database I have a table called Student which also has 2 columns RollNumber and Name.

    This table of mine has 10 records.

    Now I want to add 500 more records.

    The source of these 500 records is the excel sheet which has data in 2 columns.

    Now is there any way to export these 500 records from excel sheet into the oracle table Student.

    So if such a thing is possible it would be very kind of you to let me know what steps I must follow to achieve this task.

    Thanks a lot

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    Yes, I believe it possible. However, this is not my area of work. Here are a couple of links that might prove helpful:

    This lists resources for SQL and Oracle:

    This has various threads related to this topic:

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