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    Question Unanswered: Calculation troubles. . .please help.

    I tried to use the following calculation,

    If(IsEmpty (Contact Details::Line 2 );Lookup ( Contact Details::Line 1 ))

    to allow me to access information from a different field if the respective relational matching field was empty and it didn't work.

    Can anyone advise me on why and/or if there is a better calc or script to acheive what I am trying to do?

    Many thanks,

    Sarah Barry

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    Hello Sarah,
    If I understnad correctly what you are trying to do, then the Lookup( ) function is superfluous in this instance and you should be able to achieve the result you desire by using a calculation expression such as:

    If(IsEmpty(Contact Details::Line 2); Contact Details::Line 1; Contact Details::Line 2)

    Give that a try and see if it does what you want.
    FileMaker Developer

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