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    Angry OS is playing tricks!

    Hello all,
    ok....ready for this........i have only a 256MB ram (2hrs and im getting 2X 512MB)...well as you know sometimes the PC can be so bloody i press 'CTRL+ALT+DEL' to see what the problem is (pc usage high or something) but as i look down the PROCESSES i see 'LINUX.EXE' !!??!! WHY? I have XP PRO! its doing my bloody brain in people! someone outhere help...please.

    .......................and while your at it could you tell me why sometimes there is 2 of the same programs in that feild eg: iexplorer.exe UK1nation
    +*/++*//** UK1nation
    THEN COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iexplorer.exe UK1nation

    What the hell is that all about?

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    If you google "linux.exe", here is one of the results. (W32.Ogid worm)

    Here's a useful link I found on The Screensavers forum to help determine what the processes mean.

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