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    Unanswered: Accessing file twice with different keys

    I have a file that contains address information. I am creating an invoice report that needs to access this address info. I have the address number that represents the shipper and the address number that represents the consignee. I need to get the actual address information to display on the invoice. I was using DLookUp.


    that works fine but I also need to look up for consignee


    I am not getting any results for this second lookup - no errors - just blank.

    Is there a different way that I can do this?

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    I see you forgot an " while typing table name. can this be the problem?

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    use " AND " to concatenate your requisite criteria:

    =DLookUp("[CustName]","tblShp/Cons","[CustNumber]=[Shipper] AND [CustNumber]=[Consignee]")
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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