I am trying to execute a DTS package by calling it from ASP. And it works EXCEPT from the DTSOlapProcess.Task. When having an DTSOlapProcess.Task in the package the browser hangs, it does not even execute any of the tasks in the DTS package.

I am using trusted login so my user is NETWORK SERVICE.

If have tried to put the DTSOlapProcess.Task in its own package and call that package but with no luck either.

The package works when executing it within the Enterprise Manager.

So how the process an Olap cube from a DTS package when calling it from ASP?

Thanks, Hjoellund

Part of the ASP code....

oPkg = Server.CreateObject("DTS.Package")
oPkg.LoadFromSQLServer ("(local)","","",DTSSQLStgFlag_Default,"","","","t est5")