I have the coding for emailing the URL link. WHat needs to be changed to send the entire page?

<!-- Begin E-Mail-This-Page Script //-->            
            <form name="eMailer">
              <span class="subheadline_body">
              E-MAIL THIS LINK </span><br>
              Enter recipient's e-mail: <br>
              <input type="text" name="address" size="25">
              <input type="button" value="Send this URL" onClick="mailThisUrl();" name="button">
              <script language="JavaScript1.2">

var good;
function checkEmailAddress(field) {
// the following expression must be all on one line...
var goodEmail = field.value.match(/\b(^(\S+@).+((\.com)|(\.net)|(\.edu)|(\.mil)|(\.gov)|(\.org)|(\..{2,2}))$)\b/gi);
if (goodEmail){
   good = true
} else {
   alert('Please enter a valid e-mail address.')
   good = false

u = window.location;
m = "I thought this might interest you...";
function mailThisUrl(){
   good = false
   if (good){
      // the following expression must be all on one line...
      window.location = "mailto:"+document.eMailer.address.value+"?subject="+m+"&body="+document.title+" "+u;
              <!-- End E-Mail-This-Page Script //-->