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    Unanswered: DB2 Load problem -- Help

    I cannot load .ixf data using db2 Load utility. I can load other format without any problem. Another problem I am having with is that the load doesn't work if the source data is on a network drive. It works if the source data is on local disk, such as C:\.

    My database is DB2 UDB V8.1 on Windows 2000. Does anybody have the same problem? Can anybody help? Thanks.

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    this had been address already... please try finding similar posts
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    Load utility runs under the authority of the instance owner on Unix or under the id which starts the db2 instance service on Windows . This user on windows is generally system or a local user like db2admin

    Normally network drives are accessible only to domain users ...

    The easiest way around it is to start the db2 instance service as a domain user ..... I do not know much about the security implications of this setup ... I'm not sure if this will suit a production system. It may be worth talking with your Windows administrator on this

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    Thanks for the answer, but none applies to my situation

    The user ID I used to do the load is the instance owner/creator, it is also the domain administrator (not just a user) for the same domain all my db servers belong to. And the IMPORT command works just fine with the same source data files. Also, all DB2 services are started by the same domain user account.

    To recap my problem:

    The Import command works fine with all files regardless where they are located, but the Load command only works for files on local disks.

    For example:

    db2 load from X:\test.dat of del insert into edw.test

    SQL2036N The path for the file or device "X:\test.dat" is not valid.

    However, the following command works:

    db2 import from X:\test.dat of del insert into edw.test

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