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    Unanswered: connectivity of MySQL and PHP for Web

    I would like to know which files of Mysql to be placed on the webserver for the database to function with the php files.

    and how would i be checking the database is working properly.


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    You can't just place some files on the webserver. The entire mysql server and I believe mysql client application have to be installed on the webserver to work.

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    Howdy. For example, if you are using Apache as your webserver, you can INSTALL MySQL and enable/install the PHP Apache module. When you install MySQL, you'll have to set a MySQL root password which is different from your computer's root. You should also consider installing phpMyAdmin or other MySQL management utility. All of this is easy or difficult depending upon your OS and experience.

    phpMyAdmin will let you easily connect to your MySQL db's and define fields and tables or you can write a .php script to test a connection ( has a connect script as an example).

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