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    Cool Unanswered: Forms Developer 6 using Oracle 10g

    Hi everybody!
    We are analyzing our move from Oracle 8i to Oracle 10g..
    The thing is that we have a Client/Server application developed with
    Forms Developer 6, and we're wondering if that application can run
    without problems against Oracle 10g...
    could it be posible?
    thanks in advance for any suggestion or advice..
    -eduardo s.m.

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    I guess one thing you will have to be carefull about is to not relay on especial Oracle 10g SQL functions on Forms/Report's PL/SQL engine. Since Form and Reports has a built-in PL/SQL engine, that will differ from the one on 10g, and thus will fail if you try to use any of its *new* functions. Other than that, I dont know!

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