I need to insert/update into the clob column in DB2.The data has html tags in it and it is a large data(around 1024kb).The insertion/updation is done using the Java program which is run in AIX platform and the data is inserted/updated into DB2 table(DB2 version 7.1 run on the mainframe system MVS).
Based on the information which i got from web i tried the following options.
1.)Reader inputReader = new StringReader(Stringx);
where Stringx is the String which has the data that needs to be inserted/updated.
The data is inserted/updated dynamically (using dynamic sql) through prepared statement.
PreparedStatement psmt;
psmt.setCharacterStream(int parameterIndex,inputReader,Stringx.length());

2.)byte[] byteArray = Stringx.getBytes();
InputStream inputstream = new ByteArrayInputStream(byteArray);
psmt.setBinaryStream(int parameterIndex,inputstream,Stringx.length());

The above two methods are not working.

3.)Object newObject = Stringx;
psmt.setObject(int parameterIndex,newObject,clobType);
The clobType is got by the select statement.

The setObject() method has limitation in handling the data.It can handle only some volume of data.

Can anyone please tell me how i need to proceed.Is there a limitation in db2 in handling large volume of data as in oracle.Which method i need to follow?.

Can any one please tell me how i need to proceed.