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    Unanswered: Paradox - the latest?

    Hi Forum,

    I used to use Paradox 7 extensively in my work, but haven't for a good while. Now need it again, but everything is Windows XP and Pdox7 has multiple problems running in XP. I've tried all the compatibility stuff and still have various issues (insufficient disk space, keyboard entries not being recognized, etc.).

    Seen lots of encouraging posts on how to fix stuff, BUT, it seems to me that it is best to move on up. Question now is, what is the most recent release of Paradox? Was it written for Windows XP? How can I get it? (I cringe to think that I would have to buy all of Corel's WordPerfect Office Suite JUST to get Paradox!!) A single-user developer's license is all I need.

    Thanks for the help,


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    The latest release is Corel Paradox 12, but, wait, that's not true: the latest release is 11, since the 12 is only eleven renamed, and, no, wait, even version 11 is substantially identical to version 10...

    So, the latest REAL release of Paradox is V 10, and i think that can be ONLY bought in bundle with WordPerfect Office 2002 Pro (v 10), but you can try contacting Corel on buying a licence for Paradox only: i haven't been successful, 3 months ago, when i tried to do this for a v12 license, but you might be luckier...

    And, no, neither 10 nor 11 nor 12 are "built for Windows XP", but i can assure you that i'm using version 10 with the SP3 and it runs flawlessly on my Windows XP Pro SP1, and i've been using this config for months...

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