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    Red face Unanswered: Empty Log files and Data files

    I'm using replication with two database on SQL 2000,when begin, the log files size is 50mb and the data files size is 150mb. But now the log files size is 2Gb and the data files size is 4Gb. I would like to decrease the log files and the data files ??? How do i do this???
    (I using Truncate and shrink doesn't change )

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    For log file, after replicating, take a full backup of your database, then truncate log.. This must reduce the log file..

    I have no other idea about reducing the data file size.


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    Is this on the source, destination or distribution?
    Backup the log or change the recovery model to simple then shrink the log.

    For data - shrink the data file.

    Are you sure that the data is replicating and it's not building up because transactions can't be cleared?
    That would end up with a lot of data in the distribution database and log space used.

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