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    Unanswered: inputparameters in Access 2002 wont work for me...

    Hi all!

    Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer)

    Me.InputParameters = "@CodeS1=""M"""

    End Sub

    why wont this work for me?

    i still get prompted for the parameter @CodeS1.

    When I ask for the input parameter (msgbox me.inputparameters in report_close) I get this @CodeS1 = "M"

    Writing this into the property window entry "input parameters" works fine - i wont get prompted while the msgbox reports the same as with the non-working code-approach.

    need to do this via code. pls help,



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    Finally found the solution here:

    Thx microsoft for making this .inputparameters not work and waste 4 hours of my time

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