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Thread: form and Query

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    Unanswered: form and Query

    I have a continous subform based on a query that uses a combobox to select data. I am able to input data. When I exit the form and reenter, I do not see the data in the subform. However, when I select and Item from the combobox, that I had already selected. I get a message that says that I will have dups.

    The query displays my data. Any ideas?

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    Subform Data

    Have you looked at the subform table that it is storing the data to and is the data there? It might be the way you have the tables linked if you are using the relationships screen. You might also want to try in the Parent form under properties in the ON Current event on the Events tab, start the code builder by pressing the "..." button and in VB type "Me.Refresh" without the quotes. I know this helps me when data is not displayed.

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