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    Unanswered: Migrating From Standard to Enterprise Edition

    Hello everyone,
    My company is thinking of migrating from SQL Standard to Enterprise Edition. I am the dba--but not much experience in SQL. Not sure what I need to do if this projec falls onto my shoulder. Any advise will be very much appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    Insist on being sent on an administrator's course. It's the ideal time to request it - do they want the project to succeed? The stuff that you will learn will be usful to you for years.


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    I took the dba class just last week. I learned quite a bit but not enough to do this alone without any help. Thanks...

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    A couple questions for you:

    1. When you upgrade, are you getting a new server?
    2. If not, are you upgrading the RAM or anything else on the existing server?
    3. How much RAM/# of processors will the server have?
    4. What version of Windows do you have? What version will you have?
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