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    Unanswered: MS Access Query/Form Help Needed

    Hello again all, I have a bad situation here, and need help. I have about 12 hours to finish the last form(s) of a database, but not sure how to go about it. If someone can help me figure this out, I'll PayPal them $30!

    This whole thing is confusing me, as I've never built any major forms or queries like this before.

    List of Tables and fields involved:

    tblCompanyList (CompanyID, CompanyName, Contact, Address1,Address2,City,State,Zip, Phone)
    tblBOMMain (BOMID,HotelID, InstallDate,Completed {Y/N}, Remarks)
    tblBOMDetails (BOMID, ItemID, Quantity, QuantityShipped)
    tblPartsID (ItemID, ItemDescription, VendorNumber, StockNumber, ItemBOMCode)
    tblInvCount (ItemID, OnHand, OnOrder)

    What I am trying to get. A window where the user selects a Company, then selects "Bill of Materials".
    Our Bom sheet is 6 pages normally.

    1st Page is just the Company Info ( {tblCompanyList}Company Name, The Full Address, Contact, Phone, {tblBOMMain} InstallDate, Completed, Remarks)

    Pages 2-6 are a list of items for the bill of materials listed by their ItemBOMCode:
    Item Description /Stock Number/ Quantity Ordered / Quantity Shipped / OnHand / OnOrder

    Basically, the ItemBOMcode seperates the items into 5 areas so they make sure they list on a specific page. (IE, if you had a page just for monitor parts, and didnt want them to show on the Page for CPU accessories)

    I'm looking to have this just so that all the information can be entered and looked up.

    Just ask and I can provide any more information necessary.

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    Ok, that might have sounded worse than it is....all the tables are built and I have sample information in them already. It's really just the queries that are giving me trouble.

    Anyone know of a good place that has a quick course on queries and how to effectively use them on forms?

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