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    Unanswered: Newbie question:moving of cursor when pressing tab key in form

    For example:
    I have a form with controls:
    1.memberid (autoincreased)

    When I opened form, the cursor is in memberid by default. If I pressed tab key continuosly,the cursor jumped into 2.firstname control, and then 3.lastname control and then 4.birthdate control and so on.

    I created a control "city" in this form, and the last control the cursor jumped into is the "city" control.

    But all I want is when I open form, the cursor firstly is in memberid by default,if I press tab key continuosly, the cursor must jump into 2.firstname and then 3.lastname and then 5.placeofbirth.
    How can I change this behavor of the cursor like that?
    thanks in advaned.

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    In the OnOpen event of your Form, enter this code line:


    You can also set the Tab Order for all the Controls on your Form(s) by putting the Form into Design View then select the menu items View|Tab Order...
    You can set up the tab order for whichever control you like. The first control in the list will get the Focus first when the form opens unless you change it via code (as shown above).

    If you don't want a control to be affected by the Tab key then Click on the Control in Design View then in the Properties window select the Other tab. Set the property Tab Stop to False.

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    thank you. it works for me.

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