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    Question Unanswered: Help with a query to form.

    Hello all, I am stuck on this particular M:M table.
    I have this tbl_Treatments, which is a table that has a series of choices broken patitioned into types. I am goin to create a subform in From1 and the user can select a treatment.

    For example, the first subform in form1 would be, "Type of Patient". This subform is based on a query that will update the tbl_Patient_treatments. I would be using a combobox to do all the updating. I don't know why my subform keeps displaying an index message in the tbl_treatmens.

    I am attaching the db. Thank you in advance
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    I tried to help you, look to attached file and run the -
    form1 based_tbl_Patient.

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