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    Question Unanswered: Users' access through ADO

    I'm writing a program to access a SQL server and my problem is that if I use a user that isn't an administrator the login is failed.

    It specifies the " Domain\UserName "

    Maybe it wouldn't have bothered me so if I didn't see it working on the last server I had. Unfortunatly, that one was formatted and I wasn't the one installing the SQL server on it.

    Does anybody know how to make the SQL server more tolrant to users?


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    I think you have to create the login and user in SQL Server. So if you are going to use the Windows NT authentication when you connect to your database then the username must be in your list of users in SQL Server with the appropriate permissions.

    Within SQL Enterprise Manager select "Users" in the database you are working on, and right click then New database User. Follow the wizard for adding a new user. You should be able to pick a specific domain username.

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