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    Unhappy Unanswered: JSP(tomcat server) is terminating the JSP code. Pls help..

    OS : Win XP
    Server : TomCat 5.0.19 (incl. in Netbeans)

    - includes Fangeform.jsp, header.jsp, footer.jsp

    Well.. the problem is very vague, and i am not sure what details might be nessecary to add to this post, but i'll post it with the information that i think might be useful, and add more info if needed :

    It seems like the jsp pages doesn't "load-up" fully out. In my case, it does'nt display "Fangeform" correctly..
    If i take a look at the "view source" from I.E. i can see that much code are missing from Fangeform.jsp and footer.jsp doesn't show at all..

    Seems like the server is terminating the jsp files too early, or cannot handle long jsp code/files.

    I figured out that if i insert some commenttext (lets say 10 chars) on top of ex. Fotoinsert or Fangeform, it _removes_ 10 chars of code in the bottom of the displayed code in the browser (ex. view source).

    Does anyone know if this is a problem that occurs on TomCat (because of large code/files ?) Is there a way to bypass this if i'm correct ?

    Best regards
    Best regards

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    have u configure the environment variable CATALINA_HOME correctly

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