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    Unanswered: Find out system/sys password

    Hi there

    Can someone tell me how I can find out the System and Sys password on the server. I set up as server and went on holidays and can't remember the password? I am the DBA, yes I should know!!!
    The default is system/manager and sys/admin but they don't work


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    by default the pwds are : sys change_on_install
    system manager

    but if you used others you can create new ones

    sqlplus /nolog
    connect / as sysdba
    alter user sys identified by <your pwd>;

    or outside sqlplus by calling orapwd from $ORACLE_HOME/dbs

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    You cannot "find out" the passwords, because Oracle uses a one-way hashing algorithm and never stores the password. When you supply a password at login, Oracle one-way hashes it and if the output is the same output stored in the data dictionary, then you are connected.

    The earlier poster gave you the right approach to take. Connect / as sysdba, and then change the password to the value you want. You should be logged onto the server's console to do this.

    In order to change the database password file you should shutdown cleanly, such as shutdown immediate, which requires you know the password. This is a security measure to prevent hackers from stealing control of your database. Otherwise, if you just replace the password file without stopping Oracle first you won't be able to logon.

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    ORAPWD can reset your passwords by establishing a password file
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