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    Unanswered: Transaction log filesize out of control

    I have a DB that has a DB filesize of 6 gb and a transaction log filesize of 66gb!!!! This DB has a potential for alot of growth because it holds scanned documents for retention and they are in the process of scanning in several years worth of documents from what I understand.

    I have my maintenance plan setup to backup the DB full overnight and transaction log backups hourly during the day. usually my transaction log backups are small - but on friday, the transction log backup was 66gb and it filled up the disk. after doing some cleanup, I ran a full and then a transaction log backup and everything seems OK. But the transaction log file itself remains at 66gb!

    I'm just wondering how I can optimize my Database AND especially my maintenance plans so that the transaction log gets back down to a manageable size?? Can I or should shrink the transaction log?? Should my DB be set to 'autoshrink'???????

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    What is the types of your columns in your tables ?

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