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    Unanswered: SQL,DB2 message codes classification

    Is there any classification and category of these messages by type of errors like ( Just Waring ,Fatal etc..)
    What I mean is we wanna write something like if the error is fatal and need immediate attention so,we based on category we can parse it.
    For example,
    it can be between SQL1xxx to SQL3xxx is Warning,SQL4xxx onwards is Fatal .Same for DB2 etcc.
    Is there any such or analogus classification ?
    I couldnt find it in the guide from ibm.

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    DB2 Message Reference Vol. 1, page 7
    For SQL messages, message identifiers ending with an N are error messages. Those ending with a W indicate warning or informational messages. Message identifiers ending with a C indicate critical system errors.
    However, the real severity of an error can only be known to your application, not the database. For example, if an INSERT fails because of a unique constraint violation, is it a reason to kill the application, or something you can ignore?

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