i am having a problem with the merge replication.
has over 400 thousand records and is running on a hp server with a raid 5 configuration.
i am trying to create a merge replication on another server with the same configuration.

i am facing problems in 2 places.

firstly i created a push subscription and ran the snap shot agnt.
but the snap shot agent times out and expires .. as a result of which i am not able to create the initial snap shot on the subscribers end.

next i though i would manulayy create a snap shot
and so i backed up the dabase from the publisher and restores it on the subscription side.

now i tried to create a new subscription by chosing the option... the dabase alredy conists of the data base and schema
and i get a n error saying
"SQL Server Enterprise Manager encountered errors creating push subscriptions for the following Subscribers:

ICE: Error 20086: Publication '%s' does not support the nosync type because it contains a table that does not have a rowguidcol column

what do i do to solve this problem....
please try and give me a solution to solve either ways.