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    I have searched this forum , but I did not find any thing related to my problem. I have a DB2 column defined as varchar(300) which is used to store dates in packed decimal form. The date is stored as an array of 5 bytes each. Now if there are 10 dates then the length of the column is 50 bytes. When I try to unload this column using DSNTIAUL, the first 50 bytes are unloaded as is , but the rest of 250 bytes is padded with low-zeroes (x'00') . Is there any option to change the pad character to spaces when unloading the data?


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    (...this seems to be a z/OS problem, version not known and my knowledge is from version 7)

    I'm afraid, DSNTIAUL is extremely simple program. There are only one parameter to be given in SYSIN file (SQL or none) and it does not have direct effect on format.

    But as you can use SQL, you may try to format that varchar-field to char, right?

    Also some people have been using a post-processor (an extra step/program, that manipulate file afterwards - no SQL are needeed).

    Cheers, Bill

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