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    Thumbs up Unanswered: problems with homepage- getting about.blank

    The following reply suggestions did not work. Try going to preferences and then unclick 3rd party. That seemed to work for me. Thanks anyway!!
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    Is this an ADABAS-related issue?

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    Solution for about:blank

    i would like to offer the following solution for the about:blank virus problem.
    i have had this problem on my computer for three months now, and have found the first thing on the internet that works.

    #1 i'm not paid to type this post, i only write because i have found the solution to my problem and want to let others know.
    #2 their is a $1.00 fee, so if you do not want to pay then dont.
    #3 this problem worked for my computer it may not work for you.

    however the site has been checked out and honestly it works! and it is very simple, and very fast.

    lastly do not post a reply to this thread, only type a "yes" if it worked for you or "no" if it did not. i would like to keep this thread as clean as possible to make it clearly known if we have a solution or not.

    so without futher warnings and trying to clarify things here is what worked, finally three months later, i can proudly endorse a solution!

    Get the "About:blank Remover" at:

    *important, follow the instructions exactly.
    *i should also warn that the first application works very fast, all you will see is a flash of a black screen, thats it. so it is working dont panic.
    *i should also write i'm starting to actually miss my about:blank screen, haha!

    i had another attack with the about:blank virus. however when i notified the company i was told that:
    "The process that we are distributing does NOT prevent any future attacks of the virus/Trojan. If you wish to "prevent" future attacks, go to the FREE DOWNLOADS section of our site and download SpywareBlaster."

    i have run the "remove about:blank software" again, removed the virus, and have installed the SpywareBlaster. and am now glad to say running a clean system again!

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    Is this confusing any of you ADABAS users out there?

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    Thumbs up About:Blank - Using XP? You're in Luck!!

    If you're using Windows XP and you've been hijacked by the about:blank malware, you have a very easy correction.

    It's called the system restore feature. As long as you know the day (or approximate date) of when you were hijacked, all you have to do is use Windows System Restore to revert back to a system state prior to the infection.

    The easiest way to get to system restore:

    Start - Help and Support (search for: system restore and follow directions)

    You're back in business. Finally, Microsoft has a tool that serves a legit purpose. After that, go download Mozilla or Foxfire:


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