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    I'm new here. I'm not sure if I am in the right forum, but I was wondering if someone can help me with this error. It happens everytime I try to use the internet. (Everything is plugged in, router and cable modem working fine.)

    rundll32.exe - Application Error

    This is the error: The instruction at "0x00000000" the referenced memory at "0x00000000". Could not be "read".

    Click on OK to terminate.
    Sometimes, it will say "firefox.exe - Application Error" or cstrike.exe or aim.exe.

    If I am in the wrong forum, please excuse me.

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    Yep you're in the wrong forum. The only thing I can tell you is that rundll32.exe sounds like a Windows system file. The other files may be causing the problem, but I suspect they are drivers.

    I'm not familar with router problems and the only thing I can suggest is uninstall everything related to the internet on your PC and reinstall, or better still write to one of the PC mags - seriously they can often help with spefific problems like this.

    Another suggestion visit the web site for the router manufacturer they may have a FAQ you can look at.

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    rundll32 is used for executing some things that live in DLL files. Basically there isn't enough information here to go on. The bottom line is that "the application you're running at the time is crashing. Badly." The solution is going to be application specific.

    When a program blows its stack or wanders into memory spaces where it does not belong, sometimes Windows handles the exception gracefully and sometimes its response is totally bogus, spewing messages about "KERNEL32" or "RUNDLL32" or other equally-dreadful-sounding names. The names actually have nothing to do with where the error occurred, but rather where Windows was when the error was found. In this case the program has probably "jumped to location 0" by following a NULL pointer. But it's an application-specific bug.
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