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Thread: interbase?

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    i have been looking for some interbase reviews about its strength and limitation, but all i get is from borland? is there any independent review of this db? I just switch from access to interbase, and i am not familiar with the gui.
    In access, i can define my foreign key, primary key, then drag and drop the relationship in a graphical environment? I need some help how to go about doing that in interbase....thanks in advance

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    I've used Interbase (it's from Borland and was shipped with the developer's edition of Delphi years ago - dunno if that still happens).

    The version that Delphi shipped had an interface that ran under windows, but you needed strong SQL skills to get the best out of it.

    The one aspect that bothered me was the support, there didn't seem to be a lot and there was little to be found on the net. As a result I switched to mySQL for my web based stuff - it is well supported and, although it lacks a few features it performs well (as does interbase).

    The full version of Interbase was very expensive, can't remember the exact price but it ran to more than I paid for the Delphi package I bought.

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    ic... well, I am using it to store production data at the moment, switching over to MySQL is near to impossible at this time. My problem here is that previous programmers create their systems without proper analysis jobs and the databases are not normalized, basically i think i need a tools that can generate a report for me about a particular database (at least to speed up my work here). My environment here is kinda messy and with different system having different database design (tho all are using interbase+delphi), and i am planning to consolidate all systems into one, without a single documents or any help to get me started.

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