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    Dear Anyone,

    When I syn one server's (finishsvr) data to another server, I found from the error log the followings. Can it be solved? How?

    FINISHSV::[II\COMSVR\6c8 , 00000001]: Thu Sep 16 16:05:31 2004 E_GC0001_ASSOC_FAIL Association failure: partner abruptly released association
    FINISHSV::[II\COMSVR\6c8 , 00000004]: Thu Sep 16 16:35:12 2004 E_GC2205_RMT_ABORT Session failure: ABORT received from remote partner.

    Pls help me......

    Malachi from Hong Kong

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    I see these errors a lot in our Ingres Gateway server's errlog. I don't think they are a problem, just informational.

    I've dealt with CA tech support a few times this year on other issues, they have seen our errlog.log several times and have not mentioned anything about these messages being in our log files.

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    Yes, these errors are the result of a client session terminating untidily. It could be for example that someone killed the application, or even turned off a PC, without properly logging off. These errors can usually be safely ignored.
    Paul Mason

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