I am suffering a poblem with my EDR. I hava two tables I want to be replicated. The first one doestn't give any problem and is replicated. The second one is a table with a foreign key reference to the first table. The original table from which I replicate has a different layout and a different FK. Although when I remove my FK constraint in the table I get the correct field. Now when I make an insert into the reference table with these fields, it also works.

When I let my replication run I get the following error :

CDR CDRDS: transaction aborted (Error return from SQL for the commit command) with sql error 691 isam error 111.

This should mean that the foreign key is not complete. This is not true !! When I remove the constraint the fields are filled( with correct values)

table test -> table testRep
int nr int nr
String name String name

PK = nr,name

table test2 -> table testRep2
int testnr int test2nr
String name2 String name2

FK testnr2,name2 (testRep2)-> nr,name(testRep)

For ex in testRep the value 1,"test" exist.
Now I get a table test2 with and fill in the values for my FK (1,"test") These values are not replicated to the testRep2 DB !!

Is is possible because my key does not have the same name in test2 as testrep2 !

Anyone any clue??