The new version of DBACentral for MySQL has been released. Since now
DBACentral for MySQL works with all MySQL server versions, currently
released. Also a lot of new options are added in the new version, and
a bunch of bugs are fixed.

Download page:

Full list of current changes:

[+] Now DBACentral works with all MySQL versions, including 4.1.4-gamma and 5.0.1-alpha.

[+] Added a lot of new options for customizing program behavior and appearance, including: application and editor fonts, data grid style sheets, and a number of various editor preferences.

[+] The Copy Command function is added to the SQL Log.

[+] Now you can execute statements like BEGIN:END through SQL Executor and Query Designer.

[-] Several bugs with window scrolling are fixed and the model drawing is optimized in the relationship manager.

[-] Fixed Data Grid bug with NULL values in TEXT fields.

[-] Fixed bug with creating a table from XML file.

[-] Fixed several bugs with using keyboard in Table Designer.

[-] Fixed several bugs with copying and pasting text in the Data Grid.

[-] Fixed bug with deleting a table field, included into an index.

[-] Fixed bug with loading a sample database twice during one DBACentral session.

Best regards,
microOLAP Team