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    Unhappy Unanswered: IDPDX32.dll Problem

    I have two applications, they are needed to run at the same time in the same machine. The first one connects to SQL Server 2000 and another connects to Paradox 7.0. "Access Violation in IDPDX32.dll" error occurs during the first one retriving about 500 records from SQL Server meanwhile the Paradox's one inserting data into the table.

    Does anyone can teach me how to solve this problem?

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    Do the applications each have their own "private directory?"

    Do they share the same IDAPI configuration-file? (They must.)

    Is LOCAL SHARE set to TRUE on this machine?

    Did this setup work before? If so, what changed?
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    Thanks for your help sundialsvcs. I would like to answer your questions.

    Both applications haven't benn implemented the concept of "private directory". However, I have add the private directory concept into the Paradox one then, it seems not work.

    I don't know to check whether they are share the same IDAPI configuration file. Would you mind teach me how to check it.

    The Local Share is set to false.

    I haven't changed any setting after installing the applications. However, it is the first time to run them at the same time on the same machine and I got the error.

    The SQL Server's Application is built by Delphi 4 and the Paradox is built by Delphi 6, will this generate the error?

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