i have problems with two btrieve tables that were held in continous operation for a longer time while the system (a warehouse management system) was running in full operation. As a result the mkde produced two *.^^^ delta-files with a size of 100 resp. 60 MBytes. We stopped continous operation with "butil -endbu /a". Although i left these files open with the function executor for more than 12 hours they were not rolled into the normal table files and deleted. The mkde is working on these files but i can't determine how fast and wether this is successfull. I can only see that the files date and time is changing.When starting the warehouse management system, both the table file and the delta file (*.^^^) are changed in time and size. Both tables are used by the system very heavy with a lot of inserts. My question is wether this process comes to an end automaticly while the full system ist running, wether we have to stop the warehouse management system and have to wait until the ^^^-file ist deleted by the mkde and wether there are other posibilities to bring this process to an end quicker or at least get information about the completion of this process. Are there more detailed descriptions of rolling these delta files into the table file. The pervasive knowledge base only describes a "slow background process".