Hello, I have a client that uses foxpro 2.6. He has an old NT 4.0 server and win98 clients,that access and use the programs over a network drive, and all is well.
Now he must upgrade the server and clients.
I have a win 2003 server running SBS and winxp pro the clients. I have copied all the necessary files over to the new server and connected the old win98 clients to it, through a network drive and it works. Yea!!!
My question is -
When I try and use the winxp pro clients, using the same setup over the network drive, only certian aspects of the programs will work.
Do I need to configure the config.nt and the autoexec.nt files for the programs?

I run into errors referring to PIF's and access to resources, ie, the modem.
Bottom line, are there some steps that I can take to make these programs work in this new environment?