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    Unanswered: bad page problem

    I am trying to migrate data from ids 7.23 to IDS 7.31 using high performance loader for the larger tables. One table has a bad page which only affects 4 records. I have identified the rowid's of the last good record before the inconsistency, and also the rowid of the first good record after it. When I extract the data using rowid (to avoid the bad page) I find that I get a successful extract BUT with about 4.5 million records missing from the 29 million total [they are not in the bad page]. I can see these records within the ERP application but cannot select them within dbaccess or HPL (.
    Is it possible for records to exist in a table without a valid rowid?
    I am using the ERP application to copy missing records to a parallel, consistent table as a very slow last resort.


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    Exclamation Distributed query


    Maybe you can put the old and new server in a network
    and perform a distributed query

    database newdb@newserver;

    insert into table
    select * from olddb@oldserver:table;

    Make sure the user you are doing this with on the newserver is trusted on the oldserver.

    Good luck

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