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    Unanswered: i m new to access, how to add code behind command buttons?

    i m using access to create database....i want to add code behind command buttons to add, delete, update the do i do so.....n how to access multiple tables on single form?

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    Ok, before you create the command button, check that the wizard button is depressed in the toolbox menu.

    From now on, when you create a command button, a wizard will pop up that will allow you to choose what you want the button to do. If i remember correctly, add, update and delete are in there.

    As for the multiple tables on one form, what are you trying to achieve with this? Add, delete and update information on them?

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    I believe you need a starter book about Access or at least a tutorial site about the subject.

    but to add code to a button control you can right click on it and choose build event option. to show multiple tables you have 2 options depends on your needs.
    #1. you can create a query that compiles the data from multiple tables or
    #2. you can use subforms.

    here is a tutorial link for you:
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