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    Unanswered: exporting in WSF

    (UDB 8.01.005)
    Need help on exporting, Is there a limitation on the number of rows that I could export in WSF.

    One of the table has more than 10,000 rows when I export in WSF The export utility is exporting on 8192 rows, Is there any setting that I should modifty to increase this count.


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    Did you have a chance to read the command output?

    SQL3053N There are more than 8191 rows to be exported to a
    worksheet formatted file.


    The maximum number of rows that can be placed in a worksheet
    format file (WSF) is 8191.

    The EXPORT utility stops processing after placing 8191 rows in
    the file.

    User Response:

    To prevent this error, use a SELECT statement that results in
    fewer rows to export, and resubmit the command.

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