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    Unanswered: schedules

    I'm in a quandry as to how to do this:

    I have a schedule in which several groups of kids take three classes everyday for a week. On the form, the groups are organized in colums, the days are the rows. I want to make a drop-down list box for each session (morning, afternoon and evening) that only supplies the classes that are possible for that session--based on what the other sessions are. I can make the drop-down list easily eliminate any classes that the group is already taking that day. Where I am having trouble is eliminating the classes that other groups are taking in that same session. Its a problem because the classes can have up to 3 running at any one time, so it would have to check to make sure that no more than three are running at a time. Is there a query type that will count the classes or something else I haven't thought of yet?

    Let me know if that doesn't make any sense and I'll try to clear it up. Thanks for any ideas you might have.


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    The Dcount function will count up the occurances of a field given a certain criteria.

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