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    Unanswered: phpBB board knowledgeable- assortedlogin probs

    If I use the "log in" button at the top of the board, I am allowed to enter my login info on the next screen that comes up in my browser, but when I hit enter or click submit, I get a "page unavailable" message in my browser. If I hit the back button, it shows me as logged in, though.
    If I have cleared the cache, cookies, history, etc., and I go to a message on the board and try to reply, I am allowed to reply (I can also post a new thread), I hit submit, and I get the same error message, but I can press the back button and se the thread. I can also still go to my admin panel once I am logged in, but I cannot preview forum in the admin panel....I just discovered a new twist to it....I can log in, post threads, and reply to my own threads...but if I post a thread, someone else replies to it, and I try to post a reply, I get a grey, blank screen when I press the "post reply" button.....

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    Hmmm... is this problem specific to your own forums or does this occur on all phpBB sites? If it's not a browser issue, try uploading a 2nd (new) phpBB folder to your site so you can confirm the problem exists on a clean install. If the 2nd copy works fine, maybe its a permissions issue and something got changed. Have you tried other browsers?

    Good luck!

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