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    Unanswered: How to call procedure with OUT value only


    I am confused about calling a procedure with just OUT value into a normal variable.

    <varname> = CALL <procedure_name>;

    but its not working.

    Please tell me the right way to do this. I dont want to use a host variable for this.

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    From the CLP you would call it like this:

    Call MyProc(?,?,?)

    assuming it had 3 out parameters.


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    Yeah whatever you said is the right way to invoke but if I use '?' then how will I make sure that I get the value of the procedure in which variable.

    I mean if my proc is myProc(?,?,?) and I have to store the OUT values in Var1, Var2 and Var3. How to do that?

    I think you got my question. Also I dont want to use any Host Variables.

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    Here is the way

    Assume that you have one variable named out_var1 in which you want to store the value of out put parameter of the SP.

    Then make a call in following manner.

    call SP_NAME(out_var1);

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