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    Unanswered: Append Queries and Code

    Good day all!

    I'm trying to port some employee information over from an older database that doesn't have the information in exactly the same type of format as I need it in.

    For example, I have first name, middle initial and last name fields. The older database has just a name field with the name in the "lastname, firstname MI" format. Is there any way that, through code and/or append queries, that I could convert their whole name field to the individual fields?

    Obviously, there's a clear pattern in every name. You can grab everything before the comma for the last name. Everything after the comma-space to the second space for the first name and then whatever's left to the MI, if there is one. I know I could use code, left$ and similar things, to sort through a string, but I'm unsure how to do it within a query going through hundreds of records.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You can determine the position of the Comma and the space using the Instr, thenyou can use the Mid$ twice, one to extract the words till the comma , and one to extract the word form the comma +1 till the space

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