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    Unanswered: insert formula with vb

    Hello, ppl

    I have 2 sets of columns - one with values and one with formulas that use values. Formulas are meant to change depending on a certain condition so I want to insert them with VB macro.

    For example I want cells in column E to equal cell B- cellA from the same row.
    So, questions:
    1)how do I explain to vb that I want this formula applied to whole range (i.e. how do I define row number)
    2) How do I define column name - in my prog I use column numbers - is there any way to translate column number into column name (1=A, 2=B)

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    in case someone else has similar problem the solution is
    where number in brackets is disstance to left of cell in question measured in columns

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    Welcome to the Board!

    The quickest way to get the correct syntax for almost any formula in VBA is to record a macro, F2 on the cell containing the formula, then enter and stop recording.

    That will give you the R1C1 rference style that you posted. You can use actual cell references as well, and you can also look into the helpfile for Application.WorksheetFunction.

    Hope that helps,


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