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Thread: ODBC Problems

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    Unanswered: ODBC Problems

    Strange verry strange (to me atleast)

    We resently upgraded from Oracle 816 to 817.

    Now i have this strange problem. I have a table in Oracle linked via ODBC in Access, in access i do:

    Select right(field,2) from table <-- gets the last 2 characters of a field.
    This works

    Select max(right(field,2)) from table
    This generates an error ORA-00936: Missing expressing

    select right(field,2) from table order by right(field,2) desc
    Generates the same error

    Seeing as the field is allways 5 chars long i tried
    Select Mid(field,3,2) from table <-- Mid = Substr
    => Works (offcourse)

    Select Max(mid(field,3,2)) from table
    => Works also, doing the order by with the Mid also works fine.

    Problem thusly partly solved. But i have things like this all over the place in multi access applications and i dont much feel going thru them replacing those kinds of funtions.

    Has anyone ever heard of these kinds of errors? I searched the Oracle site and this forum, but couldnt find anything.

    P.S. The equevalent Left (gets the first couple of chars) does work!


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    Doesnt anyone here have any ideas?

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