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    Question Unanswered: Good Oracle XML book?

    I have look through various Oracle, XML, and Oracle XML books. I have yet to find a good book that explains how Oracle implements XML in a straight forward manner.

    I want to gain a better understanding of the Oracle XML architecture and how Oracle stores and retrieves XML under the covers. I've reviewed a few of the Oracle published documents, but they seem to be vague as to which ORACLE XML storage system is being used when giving examples on how to execute certain XML related commands. They don't clearly differentiate between XML stored as a file vs. native XML DB flavors.

    Causes for confusion:

    Multiple ways to "register" a schema. The registration process doesn't seem clear to me. Registration can occur in more than one way.

    How to link a namespace URL to a directory location. This is on the local Oracle box. How does a URL translate to a specific directory? How can a user know the specific location?

    Better explaination of querying XML. The SQL I use to extract values from XML have been different from what I see in the manuals?

    Metrics. Any ideas on what the upper limits are for querying data from XML. When does storing data in XML become cumbersome for querying on a regular basis?

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